The Final Countdown

Posted on July 28, 2012

Final Countdown

The countdown for the last Ladies Night Out Fitness Party 5k Walk/Run Club in 2012 has begun!

The Ladies Night Out Fitness Party 5k walk/run session starts July 30th! That's less than 3 days from now! Surprised

So far over a dozen women have signed up to learn to run their first 5k and 4 more have signed up for the Every Step of the Way coaching program!

Your commitment: 10 weeks of training, at least 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day.
My commitment to you: 10 weeks of  sisterly coaching, support, inspiration, health tips and fun challenges to help you reach your goal.
GOAL: The main goal is to complete the entire 10 week program injury-free. Walk at least 3 days a week, at least thirty minutes a day for ten weeks straight. Signing up for your first 5k race right now is a great way to get excited about what you are doing and stay motivated. I recommend searching and finding a local race to sign up for like the Firefly Run. If we have enough interest, we can run together and save a few $$$. You can even get a friend or family member to walk in the race with you!

In the coming weeks I will be sending a ton of great information your way. Are you a fan of our Facebook page.   In addition to my daily post, throughout the 10-week challenge I will post various challenges and contests to keep you motivated. Make sure you stay connected!
So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and grab your sneakers ladies!!!

...then forward this invitation to 3 friends who might be inspired by this 'health movement' - your sister, mother, best friend or coworker! They should all be invited to this movement.

Here is the link for them to join you:!

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